3.14 Sweet & Savory Pi Bar

While out on the west side of The Springs, we decided to try a new restaurant (new to us at least).
3.14 Sweet and Savory Pi restaurant specializes in pastry delights.

It’s a nice & cozy little place, and they have a full bar. We started with a plate of Squeakers.

Basically, balls of seasoned mashed potatoes, deep fried. They didn’t contain any other veggies that we could see. Well done as an app, but nothing impressive. Also a mistake for us, since our main entrees came with a side of mashed potatoes.

Luckily, we upgraded one of our sides to a nice salad. The main course was pretty hefty.

3.14 Pi only has one veggie pie, and they don’t serve it every day, so call beforehand to make sure.

Today’s veggie pie, “The Molly”, was artichoke and spinach. Done very well. Also, the tomato sauce, instead of gravy, was surprising but quite good. As seems to be the norm in Colorado Springs, there was a little more hot pepper in the pie than we’d have preferred, but it was still very good and filling.

Since we don’t expect to come back soon, as it’s not convenient to our house, we decided it best to get a slice of Bourbon Chocolate Pecan pie to-go. Also done extremely well.

Overall, we liked the food and service; but unfortunately they offer nothing fully vegan, and due to the location and very high prices, we likely won’t be visiting again anytime soon.

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