Abilene State Park, TX

Once again, we first drove to the Abilene KOA to camp, but (luckily) decided to drive a bit south to Abilene SP to pitch our tent. There was only one other camper in the entire tent area tonight. A very fun experience; lots of animal tracks all over the place.

We saw deer, rabbits, the tail end of a fleeing armadillo, and tons of squirrels and birds.

Abilene SP campsite


Dinner and lunch at the campsite.







Abilene Lake

The main feature of this state park is Abilene Lake.

There are also a few easy hiking trails throughout the park, but we didn’t have time to really investigate any.
It was $25 total to camp for the night (inc. $10 entrance fee) which is a little much for a state park, but we still think it’s worth it.

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