About Us

Welcome to Veggie Trails, our little blog about dining, hiking and camping in Colorado veg*n style (and anywhere else the trail might lead us).

All of the restaurant reviews we do are from a vegetarian perspective. The recipes posted are usually fully vegan.

Since we moved west, most of our adventures are located in and around the Colorado Springs/Colorado/Western US areas.

We are active in numerous local vegan and hiking groups and hope to lead hikes again out here someday, as we used to do back in North Carolina. So if you have any questions or comments about visiting trails in either area of the U.S., or anything you find on our blog in general, feel free to contact us by emailing etakdnabor or filling out our online Contact Form.

Kate is also an avid vegan cook, experimenting with a number of scratch-made vegan food stuffs. We welcome your comments and questions. Feel free to submit your own recipes as well.

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