Ajisai drink

Ajisai, located in Raleigh’s Cameron Village, is an upscale “Japanese Fusion” restaurant that offers sushi and cooked Japanese dishes.

We just had to try the Mai Tai Drink Special. It was tasty, albeit chock full of ice chips, which mandates that you drink fast or what little actual drink there is will become unpleasantly watered down. (Is it tacky to request mixed drinks without ice, just to see what comes back? I think I’ll be trying this strategy next time.)

Ajisai sushi

Dinner was pretty light, but again tasty. We got three rolls: Vegetable Roll, Peanut Avocado Roll, and Sweet Potato Roll. One thing that surprised us was that the peanuts weren’t chopped up or ground or anything, just whole peanuts rolled up with the avocado. I found it weird and kind of unpleasant to bite down on a semi-soft sushi roll and hit a hard peanut mid chew, but the flavor was OK.

Ajisai atmosphereThe interior is sort of Blade Runner meets Applebee’s, which is slick and atmospheric and makes you feel like someone exciting and unusual just might walk in at any moment.

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