Alejandra’s Restaurante, Visalia, CA

After the usual boring online research for a veggie-friendly place to eat dinner, we drove around only to find our first choice closed.

Luckily, we walked around the area a bit and chose Alejandra’s.
Hesitant at first, not wanting another Tex-Mex meal of refried beans with gross lard, we were extremely lucky to get a great waiter!
He explained how Alejandra’s doesn’t use lard and has a few different whole-bean options.

Kate ordered a small potato taco and very fresh Spanish rice. I ordered off-menu to get a nice-priced black bean, sour cream and guacamole burrito.

taco, burrito, and nachos

Pretty darn good, especially considering we weren’t even in the mood for more Mexican food.
The complimentary bottomless nachos and dual pico de gallo was nice also.

Two thumbs up for Alejandra’s and staff!

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