All Chay and The Salt Lake City Tabernacle

There are a surprising number of all-vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Salt Lake City.  (Thanks. Happy Cow!) We decided on the Happy Cow #1 choice: All Chay.  Who can pass up an all-vegan Vietnamese restaurant?

All Chay Salt Lake City

We started with the 4 spring roll sampler.

All Chay 1

Followed by the Golden Noodle Pho and a beefy-seitan Bahn Mi.

All Chay 2

Everything was very tasty and hearty!  So much food we didn’t have room for flan.  :-/
Two thumbs up!

Afterward, we stopped by the nearby Whole Foods to pick up some groceries for more camping soon. Prices here are better than our home store in Cary, NC, and had some new items we’d never seen before, so we stocked up.

We also toured the city to see Utah University and of course, The Tabernacle.

Mormon Castle

I showed restraint and refrained from knocking on the visitor’s center door and telling them about the Good Word…

Rob, Anointing-Adjacent






Cranial Pattycake

Otherwise, Salt Lake City didn’t seem to have much excitement to offer us.  I will say though, the city streets are quite clean and they have good public transportation and excellent bike lanes here.

Except for the plentiful homeless and high crime rate, it’s a rather clean city.

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