Amanda’s Fonda

We had some out-of-town friends visiting, so of course, the first hike we took them on was at Garden of the Gods. Even on a weekday, with slightly inclement weather, the parking lots were almost filled up.

After a short hike, we had an appetite for something substantial.
Less than 5 minutes away, is an excellent restaurant: Amanda’s Fonda.

$5 house margaritas all around. Not bad. But their sangria was the same as everywhere else in Colorado Springs: a nice mixture of wine, but no fresh fruit to be found.

We ordered the Humongous Veggie burrito
Amandas Fonda humongous veggie
which was large, but nothing surprisingly so. The burrito was nice, although more cheesy than expected. The sides of rice, guac salad and coleslaw were also pretty good.

Our second entree was Kate’s stand-by, Chile Relleno.
Amandas Fonda Chili Relleno
You have a choice of how many you want, so we wisely chose: two. The peppers were done better than other local restaurants. These were breaded the correct amount, and also had a perfect natural spice-level: not too hot. The side of rice & beans was also a bit more cheesy than expected, but still good.

The only thing we felt was sub-par was the “personality” of the waitstaff. Everyone was friendly enough, but our waiter thought himself to be more of a comedian than a helper. But not enough to ruin the dining experience here.

Overall, a fair number of vegetarian options, and a good amount of quality Mexican food for the price. Considering the location, we were surprised the prices didn’t seem inflated at all.
Two thumbs up. thumbs up thumbs up

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