Antelope Island State Park, Utah

In the middle of the Great Salt Lake is a cool mountainous island.

Antelope Isle Trails and Views SDC13963 (2)

Antelope Island is an unexpected oasis just outside of Salt Lake City. Antelope Isle 1IMAG0156 (2)


There are multiple hiking trails, a historic ranch museum, a state park natural history museum, campgrounds, and so many amazing vistas in every direction.



There are over 500 buffalo living on this island, in addition to pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, coyotes, jackrabbits, and other smaller mammals.

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You can drive down most of the island in search of the bison herds.  You can drive the full length if you don’t mind driving on a pothole-riddled dirt road. Without 4 wheel drive, we wimped out.

The first day, we only saw one lone buffalo. The next morning, we woke up to a nice camp breakfast and several uninvited guests.
Bison Right of Way

Three bull bison used the paved campground road as a trail to get from an upland pasture to the lowland beach just beyond our site.

bison bull in our camp

It was pretty amazing – We  watched them at first while we stood next to our car, then, as it became obvious they were coming through our site and maybe stopping at the picnic table (They didn’t, after all.), we watched from inside the car.bison in our camp

This Utah state park was on our list of places to visit, if we were close by and had the time – If you’re ever anywhere near Salt Lake City, you should definitely make at least a day trip to Antelope Island a must-do place to visit. Camp here for some amazing sunsets, sunrises and maybe some impromptu breakfast guests!

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