Arabian Nights Cafe

We’ve been overlooking this little gem for a while now.
The menu at Arabian Nights Cafe looks rather vegan-unfriendly, and they likely have no vegan options at all.
But, they have the usual minimal vegetarian offerings from the middle east.

A bit expensive for a small strip-mall cafe in the northern Colorado Springs area. But their food tastes amazing!
We ordered two full entrees: the Falafel Dish and Veggie Tawook.

Both dishes were full of spices, but not overly spicy-hot. Everything was fresh and healthy-tasting.

They also make delicious desserts. We tried the Halawa Aljubna and it had a wonderful rosewater-syrup flavor.

Again, not vegan, but very delicious vegetarian food for something a bit different than the usual fare Colo Spgs has to offer.

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