Badlands National Park, Interior, SD

Everybody’s heard of the Badlands, but it really is something unique and stunning to see and explore.Badlands Scenery 3

We spent a really fun, long day here. First, we arrived at a covered shelter in the middle of the park just in time to attend a short, but informative, ranger presentation about the park and the fossils found within it.  The Badlands is the largest source of mammal fossils in the world!  (Who knew?)

We were amazed to find out that the park actually encourages visitors to go off trail and wander around, but carefully.

Badlands Kate

 So we did.

Badlands Rob

Badlands Scenery

After fighting the crowds of visitors at the easily-accessible hotspots, we then found a random more “secluded”canyon” to explore on our own. An excellent choice.  IMAG0910 (2)

Just be careful and watch out for rattlesnakes.

Badlands Scenery 2

Not quite as colorful as expected, everything seemed washed-out today, probably due to the drought conditions they’ve been experiencing lately, but still an awesome and fun National Park.

We also attempted the Saddleback Trail: rated “Strenuous”.  Wow.  Rob made it all the way up to the pinnacle and back down again, with some difficulty. I turned around once it became nearly vertical. Look closely here to find him on the way back down.

Rob Badlands 2

About 2/3 of visitors turned back halfway up this ridiculously steep and slippery trail.  Do not attempt without good hiking shoes, water, and other proper hiking gear.

Badlands was wonderful! Rob Badlands Our only regret was that we weren’t able to stay longer.

Kate Badlands

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