Banana Leaf

We avoided trying out this restaurant for a long time. As I recall, the previous establishment in this location was too hot & spicy for us.

Our fears were completely unfounded however. Banana Leaf in Cary was quite nice.
The menu appears to be very meat-centric, but there are actually the usual number of healthy veggie options available.

We played it safe and ordered the standard Sesame Tofu and Mei Fun noodles this time:

Banana_Leaf IMG_20150828_180935_edited

We’ll definitely be going back again.

11/5/2015 – We both have colds today, and are too tired to cook, so figured Banana Leaf was so close by and should have some good soup for us.
Wow, excellent choice!
We ordered a “Vegetable Tofu Soup for 2” and a “Vegetarian Delight Casserole“. (The waiter assured us they could make the soup broth from veggie stock instead of chicken-based.)


The soup was only $6 but almost big enough to be an entree for both of us. The “casserole” was also huge, so we had plenty leftover. These two were excellent dishes for us today: very flavorful, but not spicy hot at all.
Two thumbs up!

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