Black Twig Cider House, Durham, NC

Happy Fourth of July!
That means… it’s time for the Annual Eno River Festival!

It thoroughly rained in the morning, creating somewhat of a muddy mess everywhere.

All the kids (and some adults) still had fun marching in the annual parade.
Eno River Festival parade

Afterward, we had quite an appetite, so drove to check out the new cidery in south-central Durham: Black Twig Cider House.

The first noticeable difference between this cidery and the usual micro-brewery setup is their Txotx area.

We saw one Txotx being “poured”
but didn’t feel the need to order one for ourselves. (My first impression is that this is just a gimmick, and a bit more work than needed to pour one’s self a good cider.)

I ordered an excellent “Bull City Ciderworks” cider from Durham.
Black Twig Cidery cheers!

Although they don’t seem to ferment anything in-house, the Black Twig offers a nice selection of ciders.
cider menu
Be forewarned: we ordered two ciders on tap (12oz) and received two glasses of ~8oz.

The food however was surprisingly good! We were impressed with their vegan sausage sandwich. The fries are also great! We’re guessing they’re fried in peanut oil.

sausages and fries

Careful when choosing a sauce however; I asked for “not spicy at all” but my mustard option was rather heavy with horseradish (or something like wasabi). Still very yummy though. The bread buns are dauntingly large, but oh so light and perfectly airy. (They’re from Guglhupf Bakery and are amazingly good.)

We’d definitely eat here again if we’re ever in the area and in the mood for a good sausage, but we might just forego the cider next time to keep things affordable.

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