Blue Bee Cidery

Cider! Since Richmond was a colonial city¬†where many of its residents enjoyed a cider as a drink more popular than beer, at times, it seemed only right that we should visit “Virginia’s first urban cidery”.¬†Just a few doors down from Legend Brewery is Blue Bee Cidery.


After reviewing the menu, it was obvious that we would have to try a flight of ciders, just for research purposes, of course. We selected five different ciders, ranging from very dry to very sweet and even some with brandy added for extra zip.

Richmond_BlueBeeCidery IMG_20151203_165018_editedThe hostess added a small taste of her favorite cider for an even six glasses.

Richmond_BlueBeeCidery IMG_20151203_165006_editedEveryone knows that if you’re going to do a cider tasting correctly you’ll need something in between sips. We got a cheese tray that paired perfectly with our ciders – Really, it was fun and so yummy!

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