Boulder, Colorado!

(Photo by Boulder, Co Tourism Board)

Even though Boulder is a mere 2 hour drive up the highway, it took us a year to get there. We should have gone sooner and more often. We definitely will now that we know what we were missing!

We rented an AirBnB room in a nice residential neighborhood just north of downtown. The house we were staying in is a 1970’s era split level about 500 sq ft smaller than ours, but is worth 3 times – Boulder real estate is truly insane.


Boulder sits in a valley just east of a mountain range known as “The Flatirons” – they are a striking example of tectonic upthrust, sitting at unnatural angles, pointing sharply at the beautiful blue sky above.

(CU Boulder Photo)

The city is actually pretty small and very “green”, with all sorts of eco-friendly services and citizen participation in recycling, walking and bike riding instead of cars. You have to be constantly on guard while driving through, because there are always people entering and exiting the roadways on foot/bike/skateboard/scooter, etc.

(Pearl Street Mall)

The University of Colorado main campus is there, making Boulder a young, hipster-centric town as well. It reminds me of other college towns I’ve been to, with lots of interesting restaurants, social and cultural events happening all the time.

Boulder is very progressive, even considering the overall reputation Colorado has to people living elsewhere in the US – It does seem to have a very steadfast plan for the future of the city, from environmental protections to managing growth due to construction and population boom (both running rampant all along the Front Range nowadays.)

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