Mellow Mushroom/Bowling Green, KY

We only ate a quick breakfast at our campsite (no cooking involved), so we were hungry for a good lunch. Western Kentucky University is in Bowling Green, so we figured we could find something nice.

Bowling Green Mellow Man

Mellow Mushroom turned out to be our best option.  Yay!

Kate got the House Calzone, which has spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes, etc. while I ordered the usual foot-long Tempeh Hoagie.  All turned out exceptionally well, and we gorged ourselves.

Bowling Green Mellow Mushroom

The staff was nice as always.  However, the local baby-factory clientele was less than welcome.  Just random bad luck that a couple with 4 screaming children was seated directly next to us.  :-/

Still, a two thumbs-up for Mellow Mushroom.

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