Breakfast at home

After eating hotel breakfast buffet for a week, I forgot how nice my homemade breakfasts really are.

A year or two ago, I stopped eating cereal or instant oatmeal every morning; now I just do it twice a week or so.

Instead, I spend an extra 5 mins and nuke up some real cinnamon & brown sugar porridge, homemade soy yogurt, and homemade seitan-sausage balls. Since Kate cooks up a batch of yogurt every other week, and sausage balls every other month, it only takes me a few minutes to nuke up my breakfast.

breakfast IMG_20151210_082432_edited

The extra protein at breakfast has made my mornings go a lot better. Without all the extra sugar, I don’t crash an hour later mid-morning.

Once in a while, I substitute a veggie-sausage patty, or add a half bagel with cashew cream cheese and homemade apple butter.

breakfast IMG_20151212_091305_edited

Oh, and that’s homemade juice also. 😀 Carrot, grape, apple, & strawberry. After juicing fresh fruits, Kate uses the leftover pulp to cook other good stuff.

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