Breakfast for Dinner

Just a few blocks down the road from Trails End Taproom is a great ol’ establishment to fill up on breakfast foods.
Mother Muffs is open 8am to 2am every day.
Not exactly a place for healthy food, but if you want a stack of pancakes or a nice thick milkshake you can’t go wrong here.
Not many (any?) vegan options, but plenty of vegetarian fare: breakfast, pizza, veggie burger, apps, and lots of drinks.
They have a downloadable menu.

We were happy with our stack of pancakes, and ecstatic with our Grasshopper milkshake indulgence.

Grasshopper milkshake

They seem to have some special event scheduled almost every night. We arrived on Trivia Night. Not the best emcee or trivia topics though, so we bailed halfway through.

Mothers is a fairly large tavern, with 2 pool tables and some interesting historical paraphernalia on the walls. We’ll definitely be visiting again when we’re in the Old Colorado City area.

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