Canyon Country Inn B&B, Williams, AZ

One hour south of the Grand Canyon is the town of Williams, AZ.
The temperature tonight is expected to get down to 34 degrees, so we opted for a hotel. Google Maps sent us on the usual goose chase after ridiculously low hotel prices that just don’t exist. After checking Priceline and Trivago we thought the cheapo Knights Inn was our best bet. Nope. The clerk at Knights Inn wouldn’t haggle below $80 for a room.

Canyon Country Inn


Luckily, we found Canyon Country Inn B&B for the no-haggling-required price of $59. I guess it was a slow night, because the manager/owner bumped us up to a larger room for free. Nice!


The owner is very nice and helpful. He and his wife also happen to be vegetarian. He mentioned the Mexican restaurant two blocks away has good food, but we weren’t quite hungry enough to go out. We chose to eat our Tofurkey sandwiches in our huge room. 😀

Tofurkey and Bugles

The two queen bed rooms here really are quite nice, and B&B homey-style.

two queen beds

bathroom sink view

This was one of our favorite hotels to stay in; especially for the price! Our only minor complaint here (really any hotel in Williams) is that the train whistle can be loud every few hours; and apparently there are three railway crossings in quick succession when the train goes through town.

Breakfast was good too. All-vegetarian, no eggs. The usual yogurt, bagels, danishes, muffins, fruit punch & Sunny Delight, and obligatory coffee. All a bit pre-fab, but filling and tasty.

Two thumbs up for Canyon Country Inn.

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