Capulin Volcano National Monument

Rob on the Trail



The weather is not cooperating today at Capulin Volcano.

Kate at Capulin Volcano rim




Although visibility was around 20 feet, everything was eerily beautiful. We had the place virtually to ourselves. (One other car arrived at the rim parking lot, stayed for about 5 minutes and then descended back down through the blowing snow.
Capulin Volcano rim


Capulin Trails


There are a few short trails to walk.
Capulin Volcano walking trails

walking trail view









The snow slowed up a bit as we hiked around, but never quite stopped.

No Caldera View


Visibility was better outside of the volcano caldera, sadly.


The Visitor Center, however, does have great maps of the trails, as well as a nice short slideshow of the history of the volcano.

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