Cave of the Winds

Another nice tourist attraction in Manitou Springs is Cave of the Winds.

They have 3 types of caving experiences you can try, basically: easy, medium and hard. smiley wink
We originally wanted to go on the medium “lantern tour”, which we thought would have fewer crying children and more interesting folklore. But after talking to a guide, it turns out that it’s more of a “scary ghost story” kind of tour, with fewer actual photo-ops of rock formations.
So we wisely chose the more family-friendly tour, which was a little shorter at 1/2 mile, with lighted walkways. We got lucky with there being only a few children, which were surprisingly well behaved.

Not quite as many huge or impressive stalactites as you might expect if you’ve ever been spelunking in other famous U.S. caverns, but still an interesting experience.

Cave of the Winds walkway

Cave of the Winds ceiling

Cave of the Winds stalactite

Besides the caving tours, Cave of the Winds has an impressive view of the canyons below. In fact, it’s arguably worth the short drive to simply take in the views from atop their location.

Cave of the Winds valley

Cave of the Winds canyon

Last, but certainly not least, are the above-ground attractions at Cave of the Winds. They have a small amusement park’s worth of death-defying high-wire activities for the kid in all of us. (Not for the faint of heart.)
If you have literally no fear of heights at all, consider attempting their ropes course, climbing tower, or zip-lining on the Bat-A-Pult. Lastly, and most terrifying, they have a near-equivalent to bungee jumping (without all the hassle of attaching a bungee to yourself).

The Terror-dactyl is a two-seater ride that simply drops you to your death. Enjoy.

We, sadly, had no one in our party interested in dying today.

All-in-all, even without the zip-lining or falling into oblivion, the Cave of the Winds is a worthwhile visit for a couple of hours.

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