Chincoteague Island, VA

Chesapeake IMG_20151128_123335_edited

Just a short drive through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel ($13 one-way).

Chincoteague Island is a small place, with a small permanent population, lots of obvious summer homes, and a distinct distaste for vegetarian menu options, apparently. We stayed in a cheap hotel here, just because the real attraction was across the short bridge to the neighboring barrier island, Assateague, where the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge is located. We had previously found several restaurants with adequate veggie or veggie-capable menu items, but what I didn’t expect was the recurring sign on dark restaurants reading, “Closed for the Season”.


(Aerial Photograph by Patrick J. Hendrickson/HIghcamera Aerial Photographic Service)

Yup, Chincoteague is mostly closed after Halloween, definitely a ghost town after Thanksgiving; see ya next March, folks! The only exploring we did here was driving around just to see where the few roads went, look at interesting summer homes lining the coastline, and try to find any open restaurants. I’m sure it’s a much more interesting experience in summer, probably, um, maybe. Seriously, it is a small Virginia coastal tourist town, so don’t expect too much here, beyond a good base for exploring the nearby wildlife refuge, the great beaches and neat wildlife while there.

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