Colorado Chautauqua, Boulder

There are several Chautauqua assembly locations around the US. The Chautauqua movement started as an adult education movement in the late 1900’s. Over time, they became not only places to learn, but entertainment and cultural activities for the public. Notably, Theodore Roosevelt hailed the Chautauqua movement as “…the most American thing in America.”

A National Historic Landmark, the Boulder Chautauqua is a wonderful place with an auditorium and outdoor entertainment venues, dining hall/restaurant, academic hall, cabins and hiking trails up into the Flatirons. It sits on 40 acres owned by the City of Boulder, founded in 1898.


We went for dinner on the last night of our trip and then sat in their open field, watching the sun set over the Flatirons. It was a really wonderful way to end our first time in Boulder.

(All photos above from Colorado Chautauqua)

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