Cracker Barrel, Salt Lake City, Utah

We’ve gone over a month on this cross-country trip before having to do Cracker Barrel…

But apparently today was the day.  Worst case, we figured we could load up on some ol’ timey candy.  🙂

CRACKER BARREL Old Country Store Gift Shop


We haven’t seen a true cafeteria since leaving the east coast, so the next best thing (we thought) would be a veggie plate at Cracker Barrel.  Not so.  There are a number of decent-sounding selections in the veggie-side section, but about half of them have bacon, pork fat, or chicken stock in them.  🙁

The items we cobbled together were all quite bland and overly greasy. We bought 8 stick-candies for $1 and drove on.

Two thumbs down for Cracker Barrel.


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