Dead Indian Summit, Cody, WY

We had it on good authority that the best place to see a wild grizzly bear would be Dead Indian Summit.

Dead Indian Summit Area

Only a 40 minute drive from downtown Cody, it’s worth the trip for a chance to see some wildlife.

A nice easy drive on a good highway.  Right when we got to the summit / scenic-view pulloff another visitor told us someone saw a grizzly down the road just a few minutes before.Dead Indian Summit

We looked around with binoculars and ventured a teensey bit around, but after 30 minutes we gave up and went home sans any bear sightings.  We did see a few pronghorn antelope in the distance, but nothing particularly exciting.



Chipmunks at Dead Indian Summit

Actually, the abundance of ground squirrels and chipmunk-like critters were the most entertaining wildlife we saw today.

Sunlight Basin

Still, the scenic views alone were worth the drive.

Sunlight Basin 2

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