Denver Botanical Gardens

Right in the middle of the city, you’ll find the Denver Botanic Gardens. With a pretty hefty entrance fee ($12.50 per adult, $9 for children), you want to go early and stay all day, if possible. It is a beautiful place, for sure.

The day we went was lovely, sunny and not very windy, so we had a great time just strolling through the different gardens.

It wasn’t too crowded, either, so that was a definite plus. (There’s a children’s garden in another area, and I suspect that added to the peaceful atmosphere for our visit. 😉

We had a really nice time while there, but even if we lived in Denver, the daily entrance fees would prohibit our visiting more than once or twice a year. We were spoiled by the free botanical gardens and open spaces in Raleigh, NC, unfortunately, which we visited multiple times a year, even dropping by spontaneously for picnics. Nonetheless, The Denver Botanic Gardens is really wonderful and worth a trip if you have time.

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