El Cabrito, Dexter, MO

After hiking around Mingo National Wilderness area, we wanted a good lunch. Unfortunately, Missouri doesn’t seem to offer a good (healthy) lunch, anywhere.  We had to drive to get to the first significant-sized town: Dexter.

Our increasingly useless Garmin GPS showed us a possible mexican restaurant: El Tapatio.  Once we arrived via GPS, we realized there were no restaurants in sight. Luckily, Dexter does have cell service, so we drove a half mile down the road to El Tapatio using Google Maps.

This time we at least ended up at a Mexican restaurant:  El Cabrito.

The staff is friendly enough, but the veggie options are quite minimal for vegetarian fare.  They only had refried beans, and no potatoes.  We ordered a taco salad and Burrito Special.  They both contained the exact same ingredients:  lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and runny grey refried beans.  At least the complimentary nachos and salsa were good.

El Cabrito in Dexter, MO

Meh.  At least it wasn’t expensive.

We probably would have been better off finding a Subway.



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