Duke Gardens, Durham, NC

Duke Gardens is a 55 acre botanical garden in the middle of Duke University’s campus. It has formal gardens, natural areas, plants from all over the world organized by geographical regions, and wonderful walking trails moving through all of them. It’s a wonderful way to spend a day. We chose to meet there with friends on a semi-cloudy Saturday morning that turned into a beautiful, sunny day. It was one of those days that refreshes your spirit and gives you a true break from everyday life.

This natural sculpture stands in the middle of a great big field that’s perfect for picnics or just hanging out.

We had a vegan potluck picnic lunch, which was sooo good and way too much, but we did our best to finish it all. (Not pictured: oatmeal kitchen sink cookies and coffee cake for dessert.)

Any time you visit there are things blooming and/or showing off their best foliage, but Spring has an especially fancy amount of blooms, birds, and bugs to marvel at while you stroll.

It was an especially good day.

2 thoughts on “Duke Gardens, Durham, NC

    1. Kate Post author

      It would be great! I wonder when the movies on the lawn start this year? That might be fun to combine, depending on the movie. Otherwise, I just always love going there .

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