El Cuscatleco in Cary

We’ve tried this Salvadoran place a few times with mixed results, but more recently El Cuscatleco seems to be doing better for us.

Their menu is very meat-centric, but they have just enough veggie choices to make it a worthwhile visit. There can also sometimes be a bit of a language barrier if you don’t speak Spanish…

That being said, we’re starting to warm up to this restaurant since they have a few interesting / authentic options not found at the standard Mexican chain restaurants.

Today, we ordered a side plate of yucca. Nice big french fry-like wedges with just the right amount of salt and fried oil, with some slightly spicy slaw on the side:

El Cuscatleco yucca

We’ve also previously ordered and liked their grilled veggie burrito, and their tamal con Elote (sweet corn tamale).

Your mileage may vary depending on the waitstaff any day, but we’ll definitely be going here again.

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