Elko, NV/Esquire Motel

We arrived in Elko at 5pm on Saturday.  Apparently all the good museums and attractions close at 5:00.  🙁

So we simply took a little driving tour of downtown Elko.  Not much to see except a few tiny casinos and 3 brothels.

Elko Nevada

We went out again at night and blew $20 in the Stockmen’s Casino.  It was the only one that wasn’t depressingly dead.  But the oppressive cigarette smoke made it not worth the trouble.  Free drinks, but horrible gambling odds.

Stockmen's Casino

We spent the night in Esquire Inn, one of the few non-casino establishments.  Very nice veggie-friendly staff here, and they are upgrading the rooms and amenities nicely.

Esquire Inn Elko

But the rooms are still a bit small/cramped due to their original layout.  And breakfast is quite minimal because it consists of you carrying a tray from the lobby back to your room. All in all, a fair budget hotel for the night, within walking distance of some casinos and restaurants.

Polar Bear


We stopped in the “Historic Commercial Casino”, built in 1869. It was originally called the Humboldt Lodging House. It is full of great, Old West legends, like the murder of a famous gambler, Handsome Harry and his prostitute mistress by her husband in the late 1800s and the story of “White King” the stuffed polar bear in the lobby, purported to be the largest dead polar bear. (So, does that mean that there’s a bigger one still alive, since they had to make the distinction?) Sadly, the Commercial was empty except for a forlorn-looking Native American slowly playing a slot machine.

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