The Executive Inn, Crossville, TN

Due to weather concerns we decided to get a room at The Executive Inn in Crossville tonight. This allowed us to drive an extra two hours since we didn’t need to quit earlier in order to setup the tent, etc.

ExecutiveInnCrossvilleA safe choice, but unluckily not the best. Crossville, Tennessee is an ugly bump in the road full of truck stops and rundown motels, some with new names and new management not known to either Google or the GPS . . . Supposedly, it is “The Golf Capital of Tennessee”, but the part of it we saw was not very nice or pretty.

Their WiFi is 100% unusable in the rooms. The next morning we parked out in front of the lobby just to eek out one bar signal’s worth. The amenities are all in various states of non-functionality. The hotel ice-machine is of course completely malfunctioning.

After taxes, $65 /night for a one-star hotel. TN has a horrendous hotel-taxation policy.

Oh well, we’ll be in Mississippi by tomorrow afternoon. Things can only get better, right?

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