Breakfast at Hostal los Algarrobos

Juice, a fruit cup, and hot milk and pitchers of hot milk and water.

Then one of three options:

  • eggs,
  • scrambled eggs,
  • or… pancakes!
Hostal Algarrobos breakfast fruit

Hostal Algarrobos pancakes

The second day, our chef had perfected the art of pancake cooking:
Hostal Algarrobos breakfast 2

Hostal Algarrobos breakfast 2

Once again, we forgot to specify “no meat!”, so we received a bonus slice of deli ham on the side. 🙁

By the third day, the staff must have gotten tired of cooking pancakes, and politely told us “Sorry, no more pancakes.” Meh. The breakfasts were still quite sufficient for us; and the fruits and juices are always so fresh and wonderful.

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