Food for Thought

Williamsburg, VA

We researched vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the Williamsburg area before our trip, so we definitely wanted to eat at Food for Thought. It was just great! They had several really impressive vegetarian entrees (You know, like they actually meant to make them vegetarian, not just meaty ones they “converted” into veggie.)

We had a great fruit and nut sandwich and baked coconut tofu with coleslaw and corn and peas. Their complementary breads (Parmesan yeast rolls and sweet cornbread) were warm and really yummy!

FoodForThought IMG_20151201_140218_edited

The farm salad was excellent, too.

Williamsburg_Food_for_Thought IMG_20151127_184319_edited

The food was so good, we went back there on our way to Richmond, since it was a small diversion, but worth the detour for sure!

FoodForThought IMG_20151127_191900_edited


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