Fossil Butte National Monument, WY

Only 20 minutes outside the town of Kemmerer is the entrance to Fossil Butte National Monument.

Fossil Butte Monument Sign

The Visitor’s Center is very nice although not large.  There’s a short but informative video and a tiny gift shop.

Fossil Butte Fossils It is full of amazing fossils found at this monument. The informative film we watched said that there are more still in the ground than have been found so far, lots more. It is so exciting. I wish I could return in 50 years to see what else they find!SDC14009 (2)




The fossils consist of numerous thin slates of fish and plants.  Pretty cool.



There are only 2 short hiking trails in this small park.  We did the 2.5 mile loop for the Quarry Trail.

Fossil Butte Hiking Trails SDC14013 (2)


A good amount of elevation for the short trip.  Nothing terribly exciting; lots of evidence of mule deer, but almost no wildlife was visible to us.


There are some great informative sign posts all along the trail.


This was a really nice park to visit, albeit relatively small (so far).

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