Galapagos Islands Interpretation Center

Interpretation Center Sign

We had heard that the interpretation center on San Cristobal was a really great way to learn more about the history of the islands as well as the inhabitants and conservation efforts over the years for the unique flora and fauna. There are some very nice displays in the main museum building, with what we thought was an unvarnished account of the positive and negative history of the islands.

Interpretation Center Human Impact Display

The complex is made up of several buildings, including a theater and nice boardwalks leading to trails behind the center.

Interpretation Center Trail View

On the walk back from the center, we stopped at a small sandy beach frequented by locals, who were just relaxing and swimming on another bright, sunny day.

San Cristobal Beach

We took a taxi there, even though it is a moderate walk from the center of town, because we were still feeling a little under the weather. We ended up walking halfway back before hailing a taxi to return us to the hotel for a rest.

Lava Lizard San Cristobal

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