Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods 1 SDC13417 (2)







Similar to Red Rock Canyon Open Space, nearby Garden of the Gods is a larger and more majestic park to hike.


GOTG 4Huge fins of red rock jut out of the ground, sometimes almost completely surrounding you.

SDC13411 (2)






The geological formations are amazing. They tower over you as you walk in and around them.


You can tell this park was designated in the early 1900s because of the paved and structured pathways that run through it.

GOTG Climbers

It was a beautiful, sunny day while we were there and we hiked all over the place as well as driving to some of the more distant rock formation attractions.

SDC13405 (2)

This is a popular park, too. At least it was on the day we visited, lots of people, including  some rock climbers. Rob did some rock scrambling, too.



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