General Burnside Island State Park, Burnside, KY

We’re only three or four days from home, on this month+ long cross-country trip.  So we decided to rough it another night in a tent and risk mosquitoes at another water-adjacent park, Kentucky’s General Burnside Island.

General Burnside Park, KY

As seems to be the standard nowadays, this park is geared more toward RV drivers with barely a second thought to primitive tent campers. The only (small) tent area was taken over by a scary couple who seem to be building a compound in preparation for WW III.  So, we chose to splurge the extra $4 to move to an RV site with water & electric hookups we don’t need (for a grand total of $19).

Unfortunately, the only other suitable site for a tent is next door to a long-term RV-and-tepee combo tenant.  This particular Kentuckian happens to be quite proud of his rebel flags, and the amount of beer he can consume while still being able to drive.  (Seriously.).

General Burnside Campground

So… if this ends up being the last Veggie Trails blog post, and our bodies are found riddled with “accidental I was only cleaning my guns” bullet holes, someone please at least have the local Kentucky authorities consider the possibility that foul play was involved.

Thank you, and good night.


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