Grand Teton National Park, Moose, WY

Upon entering the park via the southern entrance, dubbed the “Moose Entrance”, we went straight to the visitor’s center.Grand TetonsGrand Teton Sign







Upon leaving the visitor’s center we first noticed a throng of people.Young Female Moose

We next noticed a rather young moose ogling the crowd, so we took out our cameras and joined in on the gawking.  Luckily, there were at least three park rangers around to help with crowd control and keep any tourists from doing anything unusually stupid.


We got away from the crowds and traffic by driving to the (closed for the season) Rockefeller Center. Rockefeller Preserve at Grand Tetons (3) We walked a ways down a secluded trail and saw a small herd of elk across a clearing.  But they saw us too, and vacated before we even had time to pull out the binoculars. We also got fleeting glimpses of a coyote that ventured onto the road and a few of the prolific Pronghorn Sheep we’ve been seeing all over the Midwest.

We then visited Jenny Lake, named after a Shoshone woman who after bearing six children to her English trapper husband, succumbed to Smallpox along with all six of them in 1876.

Jenny Lake IMAG0202 (2)

We hiked partially around the lake on this cold, blustery day, bundled up against the misty wind blowing off the lake.

Rob and Canoeists at Jenny Lake

The cold wasn’t an issue for some people – We saw a couple and their toddler canoeing across the lake.

Grand Tetons Scenery

Grand Tetons

We regret that we didn’t spend more than one day here, because there are so many wonderful trails, lakes and wildlife to see, it is a shame that this amazing park gets overshadowed by its northern neighbor, Yellowstone.

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