Greek Cafe

Tried out a new restaurant tonight while out shopping. Greek Cafe is a step up from fast food.

Like Heart of Jerusalem, and most every other restaurant in Colorado Springs, they’re a bit more fried and oily than necessary, but still pretty good.

The Spanakopita Plate has 5 individually-phyllo-wrapped spinach-quiche-type morsels. They’re so light and flakey they almost melt in your mouth. Still, the fried nature of it makes you feel like you’re eating tapas instead of a healthy entree…

Their Falafel Sandwich is a bunch of shredded lettuce and tomatoes atop the usual falafel. Your standard falafel wrap. Good, not too spicey, but nothing to get excited about. They surprisingly don’t do Baba Ganoush at all here.
Their fries are wonderful: cut perfectly thick and fried golden brown, not too greasy. Possibly the best reason to come here! 😉

Overall, a nice quick inexpensive meal that won’t leave you feeling too regretful.

We’ll add this to our list of go-to’s when we’re in the immediate area and don’t want anything too fancy.

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