Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Texas: you’ll drive for hours with the same view.

Guadalupe Mountain range

Guadalupe Rob


Then there are the Guadalupe Mountains.


Guadalupe Mountain Strata







These mountains are the remains of a prehistoric coral reef; left here after everything else eroded away.





There are plenty of scenic vistas. The variety of desert plants here is surprising; although we saw few animals.
Guadalupe Mtns

We hiked a number of trails. It’s usually $5 to hike a trail here, paid on-your-honor when you sign-in at the trail head; but with your $80 Annual National Park Pass entrance is free.

Bleached-rock stream beds are eerie.
stream bed

There are plenty of interesting rock formations and small caves to view from the trails.

Permian Trail rock outcrop

behind a rock outcrop

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