Gunther Toody’s Diner

In the interest of adventure, one must occasionally traipse off the beaten path.

We’ve driven by Gunther Toody’s shiny diner many times and not even considered it. This time though, we threw caution to the wind.

Surprisingly, this diner has a Boca Burger, and a few other vegetarian options. We of course ordered the Boca Burger with fries (not bad), a grilled veggie melt, and a chocolate malt.

Gunther Toody'sGunther Toody's malt

The burger was fine, very filling, and the fries were great. The veggie melt was yummy, but very butter-laden greasy. I recommend telling them to not grill the bread with butter or oil. The choc malt was excellent though! Very tasty, although a bit thick (not that that’s a bad thing). Overall, a decent meal for the $$. However, it’s very dairy-heavy and you will feel bloated (and ready for a nap) after a meal here.
I surmise they do a similar style breakfast.

The staff is polite as expected, although the service can get a little slow during peak hours.
The music and 50’s paraphernalia is a nice throw-back. You’ll likely be able to catch part of an Elvis or Monroe movie on the TVs while you’re dining.

Gunther Toody's jukebox

So, while this won’t be one of our regular fave go-to restaurants, we will likely be taking our non-healthy friends here.

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