Hasta La Vuelta, Señor?

This restaurant is on the third floor of the restaurant/shopping complex building in Plaza Grande and only four blocks from our hotel! It is a fancy place known for serving gentrified traditional Ecuadorian food, which we usually don’t frequent, but after the seriously lack of filling, protein-rich vegetarian food we’d experienced on Galapagos, we were ready for a treat. I had found Hasta La Vuelta, Señor during my pre-trip research, so I knew they would have something good for us, for sure. It was definitely a treat!

Hasta La Vuelta Señor

The name of the restaurant comes from a story about a priest, Padre Almeida, who during his religious training years, loved to party, drink heavily, play guitar, and “flirt” with the ladies (Other things were implied, but not blatantly stated on the informational placemats on the table.) Anyway, he was always out having a good time, and his mentor kept asking him, “See you later, senior?” when he wasn’t sure the young novitiate would actually participate in expected religious training. Eventually, the young man did give up his sinful ways and became a priest. Why this inspired the restaurant’s owner to choose the name, I have no idea, but it makes for interesting reading while waiting for your dinner.

The Legend of Father Almeida

The complimentary appetizer was a dish of roasted hominy corn with a sweet, slightly spicy coating and a sauce to drizzle over them. We ordered Yucca Empanadas, some sweet corn pancakes, a delicious big salad and candied figs with cheese for dessert.

Roasted Hominy Corn

Empanadas and Corn Cakes


Figs and Cheese

It was sublime.

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