Heart of Jerusalem

Heart of Jerusalem is one of the top two best Middle Eastern-style restaurants we’ve found in Colorado Springs.

They are a family business with several locations around the area. Fortunately, one of them is really close to our new house! The restaurant is small, with a cozy feel and nice decorative touches. It’s also really nice to listen to traditional music play while you enjoy your meal.

Heart of Jerusalem falafelsWe love this place for its heart-shaped falafels, creamy hummus and baba ganoush. They also have “Crisspura Fries”, which are really tasty, Za’atar seasoned fries, which we usually get with a falafel sandwich. Delicious!

We tried their “Arnold Palmer” sage and lemonade tea, but we didn’t really love it as much as the sage tea by itself.

Also, if you have room, their homemade baklava is worth a try.

We usually order a Falafel Sandwich with fries, and The Veggie Plate.

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