Hinshaw Greenway, Cary NC

Another day of perfect weather! Unbelievable for mid-March in NC.

After a nice all-you-can-eat buffet lunch at our local Sri Meenakshi Bhavan Indian restaurant, we needed to walk it off…

A short drive to south Cary, down Seabrook Ave., brings you to Hinshaw Greenway:

Hinshaw_Greenway IMG_20160310_142650

which is a nice clean paved greenway “trail” between two separate parks.

First, there’s MacDonald Woods Park, which is a nice playground for young kids:

MacDonald_Woods_Park IMG_20160310_142936

Then you walk just under a mile down the greenway trail, and on an overpass.



You eventually arrive at Marla Dorrel Park.

Marla_Dorrel_Park IMG_20160310_141004

Which is an even larger kids-park with playgrounds and even a covered picnic shelter area.

Not a long walk at all, but next time we might try bringing the bicycles.

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