Holiday Feast with Vegan Smoked Ham!

It’s what’s for dinner!

homemade ham

This year, I got two big items on my wish list: The Gentle Chef’s Seitan And Beyond cookbook and a pressure cooker! I couldn’t wait to get busy preparing our holiday meal, and this is the happy result: Vegan country ham, corn pudding, Brussels Sprouts, stuffed acorn squash with walnuts and garlic yeast rolls. It was such a delicious success!

While the cookbook recommends a foil-wrap oven bake technique for the ham roast, I have recently been following Chef Skye on Facebook, where he and many other vegan home cooks like me are trying the much quicker pressure cooker seitan method. It cuts the cook time into less than one-third of the original bake time, and with the use of stock water steam, infuses even more flavor into the roast! The texture is wonderful and the flavor is amazing – I glazed the ham with a modified brown sugar sauce from the cookbook (I added bourbon, ’cause once you make a sweet bourbon glaze no other seems quite right!).

The beauty of this roast recipe is that it, along with the other great seitan recipes (I already made the Chickun fingers, yummy!), will hopefully replace the store-bought meat analogues we purchase for sandwiches and wraps. Yay! No more preservatives and chemicals for us, just vital wheat gluten, tofu (sometimes), spices, homemade veggie broth, a little oil and nutritional yeast.

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