Homestead National Monument, Beatrice, NE

Homestead Visitor Center

We spent an hour or so walking around some of the interpretative trails in Homestead National Monument.  It’s very windy, and a bit hot already in early June.

Homestead Trail

This isn’t the most exciting park, but it is very informative about the history surrounding the U.S. Homestead Act of 1862; an extremely important period in our history that shaped this vast country. We were surprised to learn that the last homestead granted in the United States was in 1986, in Alaska! Homestead Plaque

This site was chosen because it is where the very first homestead was registered. The rangers here are pleasant and eager to help you in any way.





Homestead Wheat


Nothing really in the way of food here, so we just ate our camping sandwiches at the Visitor Center shelter and then headed out in search of the next National Park on our drive home to NC.

Beast of Burden


The visitor center presentation was very balanced, not ignoring or minimizing the impact mass emigration had on Native Americans, the ecology and geography of the land.

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