Hong Kong Restaurant, Cody, WY

The town of Cody is, unsurprisingly, rather meat-centric.  However, there are a number of restaurants that appear to have at least a few veggie options.

A quick Google search made Hong Kong Restaurant an easy choice for us tonight. They have a buffet, but so few decent items on it that it’s not worth trying.  They do have tofu, but for some unknown reason aren’t able to substitute it for the meats in any of their dishes.  Luckily, you can get tofu in any of their half-dozen stir-fry entrees.

Cody Hong Kong Restaurant (2)

Kate ordered Plum Stir-Fry with tofu, which was quite nice, although was simply a good standard brown sauce with no discernible “plum” flavor.  I ordered the Vegetables with Cashews from their Vegetarian section, which had a very nice taste, even though it had few cashews and was a bit heavy with celery.

A fair price for a good meal.  Especially considering the overpriced food in this “resort” town.

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