Hostal los Algarrobos

Hostal los AlgarrobosWe chose Hostal los Algarrobos, which means Carob Tree Hotel in English, because it was a moderately-priced hotel not too far from the oceanfront and breakfast was included, which meant it was one meal of the day we wouldn’t have to worry about finding for ourselves here.

Hostal los Algarrobos breakfast

Even if you’ve mentioned to the staff numerous times that you’re vegetarian, never forget to specifically order each meal by saying “without meat” after every item; otherwise, you’re likely to still get ham in your eggs or sandwiches…
The hotel was great, not fancy, but the staff was so nice and our room was just right – As we discovered (100% of the time, in our experience), beds in Ecuador/Galapagos are just gonna be hard, no matter what level of “tourist class” accommodations you choose.

Hostal los Algarrobos View from the Window

The air conditioner worked, too, which saved us several times when we had to return home after a morning outing just to shower and lie motionless in the cool for a while before going back out in the afternoon. Virtually everything shuts down in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno from about 11:30 until 2 or 3pm. At first, we looked for lunch and were shocked to see places we had passed on our way out for the morning closed, but once we got the hang of it and either got early takeout to eat later or discovered a couple of places that remained open, we were just fine.

One common sight all over Galapagos was unfinished construction. Virtually all the residential and commercial buildings seem to be in the middle of adding on a new floor, a new wing, a new building nearby – We figure that since this is a cash society, most people just build by paying as they go, so when you have cash you get a little work done, then wait however long it takes to save up enough to start up again later.

San Cristobal Construction in Progress

We really enjoyed our stay at this hotel; it was just right for our time on San Cristobal.

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