Hotel Boutique Plaza Sucre

Hotel Plaza Sucre


Situated in the middle of the Centro Historico, or Old Town Quito, the Hotel Boutique Plaza Sucre is so pretty and unique! Approximately a 30 minute ride from the airport, it is housed in a Spanish Colonial villa built in the 1600’s. The whole area is full of these colonial-era buildings and churches.

Plaza Sucre, the street where the hotel is located, is just two blocks from Plaza Grande, or Plaza de la Independencia, as it is formally called, where the presidential palace, a cathedral, governmental offices and a shopping complex inside a huge Spanish colonial building are located. We walked back and forth to the plaza several times while we stayed here.

There were several very helpful concierges, who spoke excellent English and were very helpful explaining where we could safely walk from the hotel, calling taxis for us, and helping us arrange our day tours of the equator museums and Volcan Pululahua.

This boutique hotel is beautiful. Every wall is adorned with original art.


We keep seeing this guy everywhere; finally figured out that he’s Simon Bolivar, duh!


Simon Bolivar Graffiti

Even the little lounge / bottled-water break room area is decked out.


The hotel itself is very grand, from the lobby to the rooms with walk-out french doors to private balconies, to the spectacular view you get from the breakfast room on the fourth floor.

Quito Hotel Boutique view

It was such a wonderful place to stay in Quito!

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