Hotel Fernandina

Hotel Fernandina sign

AKA: The hardest beds in Galapagos. Not that any beds in Ecuador are remotely soft in any way.

This picturesque hotel was the Puerto Ayora tour location. We stayed here for one night before continuing on to San Cristobal for our own adventures after the tour.


Hotel Fernandina room safe
A very rare sighting: Fernandina has a working safe in your room!
Most of our other hotels’ rooms had non-working safes, or nothing at all.

When we arrived there for the last day of our tour, we were a smidge late for lunchtime, and apparently surprised them with our request for two vegetarian lunches. After being served an inedible plate of under-cooked spaghetti and canned tomato paste with no spices, herbs or veggies added, just watered-down sauce and just not eating it Рno complaints, we just left the full plates for the waiter. After the plates went back to the kitchen, they returned with a much nicer veggie plate made up of a strange conglomeration of items, but edible and filling nonetheless.

Hotel Fernandina lunch

Breakfast the next morning was adequate: yogurt, fruit/juice, scrambled eggs, bread, and the standard salty/fishy-tasting cheese.
Hotel Fernandina breakfast

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