Hotel San Vicente

Our tour company, Nature Ecuador & Galapagos, owns the Hotel San Vicente in Puerto Villamil. It is a really pretty place, with a courtyard full of tropical trees and plants, scattered tables with umbrellas and a nice dining room and reception desk. The tour offered three “classes” of tour operated hotels:Tourist, Tourist Superior, and Luxury. We went with Tourist Superior after checking out the hostel-type accommodations for “Tourist”. It was the right decision – This was such a great place to stay, especially with all meals covered (Vegetarian dishes prepared just for us every day – We were the only tour guests in the hotel until our last night, when some new folks checked in.). Our room was comfortable, the air conditioner worked great, however, the bathroom was miniscule, and the TV only had one snowy channel – All you could get without a satellite dish, which Hotel San Vicente obviously didn’t have. TV was the last thing we thought about, but I have to admit that I watched some of one telenovella called “La Rosa de Guadelupe” that centered on a Catholic school girl being tortured by mean girls and then exacting revenge. I couldn’t understand a word, so I made up my own dialogue and it was pretty good, all things considered.

Lunch and dinner here were always three courses: soup, entree and dessert. It was always interesting and mostly just plain delicious. There was a different type of fresh juice at every meal – We had to bring our own water from the cooler if we didn’t want just juice, tea or coffee. We really liked it, except for the portions. They were just too big when we were doing so many physical activities in the 90 degree heat every day. After a few days, Caroline (the English language ambassador for the hotel) came to us to ask about our meals. The cook thought we didn’t like them, so we had to reassure them we did; we just couldn’t eat it all every day. They asked us for entree suggestions and the delicious meals continued as they had been: three large portion courses every day.

Hotel San Vicente
Hotel San Vicente was just great for us and I was sad to leave while being excited for the next adventures awaiting us in Santa Cruz and San Cristobal!

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